How much is my property worth?

Another great review from an international buyer

12 Jul 24

 'Kanger' said: Paul, our Agent, was extremely helpful and patient. He started with a diversity of properties to show us that appeared in our range of interest but very quickly narrowed in on the types of property we were interested in. He has a good grasp of the …

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Spain vs England: The Final

11 Jul 24

 Many people's top two favourites for the tournament, Spain have drawn England in the final.  A mouthwatering prospect at any rate, but made even more exciting in Gibraltar due to our close ties with both. After an exciting game on Tuesday evening where they …

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Gibraltar ID card. What is it, who is eligible for it and do I need it?

10 Jul 24

  What is a Gibraltar ID Card? A Gibraltar ID card is an official form of identification issued by the Government of Gibraltar. It serves multiple purposes, including verifying identity, age, and nationality, and it is also used for accessing various services …

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What does 3 year residency mean in gibraltar?

08 Jul 24

  Faced with rising demand for social housing due to rising house prices, the three year residency was introduced to alleviate the issue in the early 1990s.  This created a two tier market; ‘Open Market’ (which can be purchased by anyone of any …

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Labour landslide – industry reaction

05 Jul 24

  Sir Kier Starmer said the UK was waking up this morning to “the sunlight of hope”, which was “shining once again on a country with the opportunity after 14 years to get its future back”. This shift in power will be of interest to Richardsons' clients as many…

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